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Ceruleanpride Magic Star (Amber) - Retired
Amber presence in our Cattery was expression of our Breeding Plan focusing on chocolates and lilac colors. She originated from New Zealand Kiwimagics and is grand doughter of first Lilac champion in UK Kiwimagic Starlight Symphony. Amber has amazing deep blue eyes aka royal blue which is something we working very hard to pass on to our next generation of  kittens.  Amber is our love, extremely sociable Rag lady with fantastic temperament :)

Esmalizadoll Candytuft (Candy - Retired
Candy our first Lilac queen, totally stolen our hearts and reinforced our plan in focusing on Lilacs and Chocolates Ragdolls. Candy and her babies are the most chilled, loving and beautiful babies :) She is outstanding female, with perfect build, type and temperament. Everything we ever can wish for. She gave us our stunning Lecendrillon Seal tortie mitted queen Sakura which will carry her heritage in future generations of  amazing Lecendrillon kittens :) 

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WhatsApp Image 2020-02-15 at 16.47.30 (1

Saraggs Bi-Lingual (Ocean) - Retired
Ocean came to us from Saraggs cattery and is our first blue true bicolour female bought specifically for her great pedigree and mesmerizing deep blue eyes. Beside all of it we got overall amazing female with loving temperament which will strengthen our future generations and reinforce our Breeding Plan in beautiful deep blue eyes kittens :) Ocean you are part of our family and you ain't going nowhere :)

Lecendrillon Sakura Blossom (Sakura - Retired
Sakura is doughter of our beloved Lillac Mitted queen Candy. She has everything what Candy could offer, amazing type, temperament and carries chocolate gene along with dilute. 1st generation of Lecendrillon which will enable us to breed future chocolates and lilacs and thanks to tortieshell colouring future red series Ragdolls that we absolutly adore and want to add  to our Breeding Plan focus. Thank you Sakura for being part of our family and making us laugh everyday. We Love U so much :)


Lecendrillon Amaterasu Deesse (Amy - Retired
Amy is our 2nd generation of lecendrillon cats she is grand daughter of Amber and our first ever bred Red series Ragdolls. She had been a reason of us updating our Breeding Plan that we set at the beginning of 2017. Red series Ragdolls will be always focus and part of our breeding program. Amy we thanking you for letting us totally fall in love with you. Your are one of the most beautiful, fun and loving kitten we ever had pleasure to raise :)

New Addition Coming Soon
We expecting exciting new addition to our Purrfect Rag-Family. It will be very unique Female which will staple our Breeding plan and make it complete for many, many years to come. We cannot say much more for now :) but keep checking this section as soon enough we will meet Lady Tibby :)

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